These Guys Can Really Lift

Hello to all the lifters out there, the Mainland Lifters are here. Many of you might think that because we are able to lift a lot of weight in the gym, that means that when it comes to moving sofas, TVs, and other household furniture, it should be a cinch for us. That is not the case. We found out the hard way when we were helping our friend Chris move to his new place in Houston. Chris asked us to help him move last month, and we told him that we would help. When it came time for us to lift some of these bulky items, we figured that they can only be lifted using a certain technique, and we were afraid to injure ourselves. We told Chris that it was in everybody’s best interest to just hire some local movers in Houston, TX to do the job. After asking around, Chris found the perfect company to help us with the move, with a company name like Hercules Movers & Packers, how can you go wrong?

When we called Hercules Movers & Packers, we were immediately greeted by the phone operator. She was very straightforward with their different pricing options, which we thought was a pleasant surprise. Besides that, we thought that the prices were extremely affordable compared to the other companies that we checked out. They told us when the earliest they can come is, and at that precise date and time, they came to Chris’ place and started the moving process.

Houston TX MoversWhen the movers began to work, we noticed that they were doing their jobs very diligently. We have all seen movers work before, but the way they were working, it was just a sight to behold. When they began to carry all of the heavy furniture out, we were surprised how easy they were able to do it. Well, these guys were not small per se, but it was just incredible how they were able to do something so effortlessly while the four of us “big guys” had such a problem in doing.

We definitely learned that in the case of moving, size does not matter. If you get true professionals to do the job for you, no obstacle is too big for them.

At Mainland Lifters, we understand the necessity of companies that provide a good service, and Hercules Movers & Packers is an excellent company to use when it comes to moving and packing. They have the knowledge and expertise to get all of your belonging safely from location to location. We recommend Hercules Movers & Packers to all people looking to move in the Houston area. If you hire them, you will have no regrets.

These Guys Can Really Lift
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