Vacuums That Lift All Kinds of Things

Vacuums That Lift All Kinds of Things

Vac-Con TruckHello to the lifting world out there, the Mainland Lifters are here with some more lifting information for you. One of our Twitter followers recently emailed us some before and after pictures after taking some advice from us regarding is gains. He is making some significant progress! This man continues to explain that he has an industrial vacuum business, and he is in need of a new truck. Of course, this man is aware of all of our connections, so he asked us if we knew of a company that offers industrial vacuum trucks for sale and for a good price. Lucky for him we have another follower that we speak to regularly, and he is employed by a company that sells these trucks, the company is called Vac-Con.

What is an industrial vacuum truck exactly? These trucks have the ability to remove large amounts of liquids, solids, powders, and slurries from places that are hard to reach. These are good for jobs in conveyors, furnaces, cranes, bag houses, tanks, and pits. These trucks are easy to use and safer than most other industrial vacuum trucks offered by other companies. If you are looking for an industrial vacuum truck for your business, do not look any further, Vac-Con offers the most cutting edge trucks in the business at an affordable price.

The best part about Vac-Con is that they provide unmatched service on the products that they sell. Whether you are in need of parts, maintenance training, or technical service, Vac-Con is your one stop shop. The goal of the Vac-Con customer support is to get you back on the road and working as soon as possible. They have a part tracking software that allows them to make sure that they have all the parts in inventory that they need when you need it. Their service facility is there for warranty workers, refurbishing work, and local repairs. Customer support at Vac-Con offers a 26,000 square foot service department; a helpline manned 24/7, a training center with expert instructors, 24-hour parts shipment, and a $5 million parts inventory.

polyethyleneThe industrial vacuum truck is not the only truck that Vac-Con offers for sale. They also offer a combination machine equipped with a high capacity water pump, and a hydraulically operated front mounted hose reel that has polyethylene water tanks. Vac-Con also has hydro-excavator trucks fitted with a hydrostatic drive and its water systems up to 4,000 psi. These trucks can handle any job you put it through including the most challenging excavating jobs. Another truck offered by Vac-Con is its Hot Shot Jet Rodders. These trucks are equipped with a non-metallic and non-corrosive polyethylene water tank and are ideal for removing bottles, cans, stones, and other debris from storm drains and sanitary sewers.

At the end of the story, our follower ended up buying the industrial vacuum truck from our other follower and both of them cannot be any happier. On one end, one man has received a cutting edge machine to grow his business and on the other end, another man has made a new client. All in all, that was a successful day for us.