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Top Lifting Power for Top Notch Movers

Top Lifting Power for Top Notch Movers

Movers Fort LauderdaleHello to all the lifters out there in the lifting world! The Mainland Lifters are here for you with another blog. Yet again, a friend of ours has asked us to help him move because he assumes that we can pretty much lift everything. Our friend Richard in Fort Lauderdale is mistaken. Moving is no easy task, even for the Mainland Lifters. Richard needed to move apartments in Fort Lauderdale, he had just received a raise and wanted to upsize a little bit. A big problem for him and us is that both apartments required the use of stairs to go up and down. We knew that this was a job for professionals, so we checked online and found the best local moving company around, Top Notch Movers.

We needed to get some information from the moving company, so naturally, we gave them a call. The phone operator was very courteous, and she explained to us how they work, their hourly rate, and how they can help us out. First of all, the price that they gave us was extremely low compared to other companies that gave us a quote. Furthermore, they gave us the exact time and date that we were expecting to get from the moving company. When that time and date arrived, they knocked on Richard’s door, and they were ready to work.

When the Top Notch Movers began to work, they knew exactly what they were doing. They wrapped all of the furniture how it was supposed to be covered, moved up and down the stairs with ease, and stacked all of the furniture in the truck without a problem and with room to spare. We did not have to lift a finger, and neither did Richard. We were so impressed with the performance of the movers that we asked them to join the Mainland Lifters community, and that is exactly what they did. So not only did Richard get professional service for a good price for his move, but we added some new members to our community. All in all, it was a successful day.

Local Movers You should understand that when it comes to moving, size does not matter. Professional movers have certain techniques that they use to get the job done, and no matter how much you can lift at the gym, proper technique is all that matters when it comes to moving. Whether you are trying to move a couch, a TV, or a piano, you cannot do so with the proper technique. The mainland lifters found this out the hard way when we figured out that we were incapable of moving such heavy object without the knowledge of how to do so. Top Notch Movers has the necessary knowledge to perform the ultimate local moving service for you in Fort Lauderdale and beyond.

Long Distance MoversThe Mainland Lifters understand that you should always hire the best-moving company if you are looking for quality work, and as the name suggests, Top Notch Movers is nothing but quality. If you are looking for the best moving company in Fort Lauderdale to move all of your belonging, do not hesitate, call Top Notch Movers today. We promise you will not regret it.

Vacuums That Lift All Kinds of Things

Vacuums That Lift All Kinds of Things

Vac-Con TruckHello to the lifting world out there, the Mainland Lifters are here with some more lifting information for you. One of our Twitter followers recently emailed us some before and after pictures after taking some advice from us regarding is gains. He is making some significant progress! This man continues to explain that he has an industrial vacuum business, and he is in need of a new truck. Of course, this man is aware of all of our connections, so he asked us if we knew of a company that offers industrial vacuum trucks for sale and for a good price. Lucky for him we have another follower that we speak to regularly, and he is employed by a company that sells these trucks, the company is called Vac-Con.

What is an industrial vacuum truck exactly? These trucks have the ability to remove large amounts of liquids, solids, powders, and slurries from places that are hard to reach. These are good for jobs in conveyors, furnaces, cranes, bag houses, tanks, and pits. These trucks are easy to use and safer than most other industrial vacuum trucks offered by other companies. If you are looking for an industrial vacuum truck for your business, do not look any further, Vac-Con offers the most cutting edge trucks in the business at an affordable price.

The best part about Vac-Con is that they provide unmatched service on the products that they sell. Whether you are in need of parts, maintenance training, or technical service, Vac-Con is your one stop shop. The goal of the Vac-Con customer support is to get you back on the road and working as soon as possible. They have a part tracking software that allows them to make sure that they have all the parts in inventory that they need when you need it. Their service facility is there for warranty workers, refurbishing work, and local repairs. Customer support at Vac-Con offers a 26,000 square foot service department; a helpline manned 24/7, a training center with expert instructors, 24-hour parts shipment, and a $5 million parts inventory.

polyethyleneThe industrial vacuum truck is not the only truck that Vac-Con offers for sale. They also offer a combination machine equipped with a high capacity water pump, and a hydraulically operated front mounted hose reel that has polyethylene water tanks. Vac-Con also has hydro-excavator trucks fitted with a hydrostatic drive and its water systems up to 4,000 psi. These trucks can handle any job you put it through including the most challenging excavating jobs. Another truck offered by Vac-Con is its Hot Shot Jet Rodders. These trucks are equipped with a non-metallic and non-corrosive polyethylene water tank and are ideal for removing bottles, cans, stones, and other debris from storm drains and sanitary sewers.

At the end of the story, our follower ended up buying the industrial vacuum truck from our other follower and both of them cannot be any happier. On one end, one man has received a cutting edge machine to grow his business and on the other end, another man has made a new client. All in all, that was a successful day for us.

Knuckle Boom Cranes, The Ultimate Machine

Knuckle Boom Cranes, The Ultimate Machine

knuckle boom cranesA knuckle boom crane is a type of crane that is typically used in construction. It is named such because it has a joint in its boom that resembles the knuckle on a human finger. The joint in a knuckle boom crane’s boom allows it to lift loads that would typically be too heavy for cranes of that size to lift, so it really improves the usability of this type of machine.

The Knuckleboom crane is a hydraulic crane mostly used on ships and on other moving installations. Use of a knuckle boom crane has been seen in a variety of cases like in maintenance of an atrium and launching a life boat. A knuckle boom crane can also be mounted on a barge and used to transport goods. It is, however, an efficient and versatile piece of equipment that, with the correct attachment can be used for everything from road construction through to lifting, carrying and moving jobs. The knuckleboom crane, which is capable and often does perform the role of the drywall boom crane, has the following operation choices: stand up control, ground control, top-seat control, or wireless radio remote.

Transporting GoodsThese types of cranes are typically used by construction crews and other utility workers, configured as service truck cranes, because they are very mobile and versatile. They can be taken anywhere that a typical pick-up truck can be taken, which is beneficial where larger, heavy duty cranes cannot travel. Heavier cranes cannot drive on most roads and freeways because they exceed weight limits, so the ability to have a knuckle boom crane mounted onto a pick-up truck sized vehicle like a service truck really makes these tools valuable.

As the name suggests, a knuckleboom crane, is a crane with a knuckle in its blast. The knuckleboom from Petersen Industries is a contained crane that essentially resembles a finger, with the verbalization being the knuckle. A water driven chamber makes it conceivable to broaden the crane so it would seem that a normal blast crane, yet its advantage comes when the knuckle blast is collapsed. In the collapsed position it is much closer to the truck or vessel’s deck, and in this manner the separation between the crane tip and the heap being worked with is far less. The shorter separation fits expanded control and the configuration of the knuckleboom takes into account less movement of the heap being conveyed. Some knuckle blast cranes drop the wire by and large, depending on the expanded mobility to get questions and drop them in an exact area.

The knuckle blast crane, additionally alluded to as a loader or an articulating crane, is a using pressurized water fueled enunciated arm fitted to a trailer or truck (along these lines turning into a knuckle blast truck). The crane, when connected to the truck is utilized for stacking/emptying the vehicle. Once the cranes occupation is finished, it can be collapsed and put away perfectly and advantageously because of its various jointed areas (one or a greater amount of which might be telescopic). Frequently the crane will have a level of robotization and have the capacity to empty or stow itself without an administrator’s guideline. The flexibility of the crane can be found in the way that it can work like a normal straight blast, after which it can overlay up asper specific requirements.

Grapple HookCrane boom repair regulations need to be adhered to with the utmost of care. As the cranes are almost entirely computerized, a botched repair job could cost more money than the cheap mechanics were worth. Also, the machines are big and heavy so if somebody gets injured while using them due to faulty repairs that haven’t followed regulation, then the owner of the machine is liable to pay a lot in damages.

Top Mount Knuckle Boom LoaderThese types of cranes are typically used by construction crews and other utility workers, configured as service truck cranes, because they are very mobile and versatile. They can be taken anywhere that a typical pick-up truck can be taken, which is beneficial where larger, heavy duty cranes cannot travel. Heavier cranes cannot drive on most roads and freeways because they exceed weight limits, so the ability to have a knuckle boom crane mounted onto a pick-up truck sized vehicle like a service truck really makes these tools valuable.

Construct Buildings! Not Just the Body!

Construct Buildings! Not Just the Body!

General ContractorThe Mainland Lifters here with some serious construction tips and we are not talking about the body this time. We received an email recently from one of our followers, telling us that he is looking for a construction company to help him with all of his future construction needs. We do not know much about the construction field, but we decided to help this follower anyway because of his dedication to us. We have many connections in many places, so when one of our followers needs to get some information, and we have the ability to help them, we will do so. After calling around for a little bit we were able to get the information that we were looking for and get the company that can help our follower with his construction needs, that company is Albertelli Construction.

Albertelli ConstructionGeneral Contractor installing Window is a construction company with many years of experience in the construction industry, and they service all of your construction needs. They can offer you the services of pre-construction, general contractor, or constructions management. Whatever your project requires, they will help you do it. We are the Mainland Lifters, and we can help you lift more weight, but Albertelli Construction is a construction company that can help you lift tons of weight for your construction needs. How can Albertelli Construction help you with your pre-construction needs exactly? They provide five different aspects for you when it comes to pre-construction; bid management, detailed cost estimates, value engineering, scheduling, and constructability reviews. The detailed cost estimates are reviewed by executive managers at Albertelli Construction to make sure that you have received the best price possible. They will work together with the owners and subcontractors to ensure that the budget is met. Value engineering is necessary because it helps in eliminating lost time, costly redesigns, and makes sure that the project is always on time.

Contracting BudgetConstructability reviews are important because they ensure that the project’s design intent is clear and understandable. With this process, you can rest assured that you will get accurate pricing and good subcontractor feedback to make the delivery process better. Albertelli Construction has the general contractors necessary to get the job done correctly. These contractors are ideal for managing the site and all of the activities on the site, they will hire the appropriate subcontractors for specific jobs, and they will make sure that the construction is being done promptly by managing the schedule.

We are happy to say that with the help of Albertelli Construction, our follower was able to get all of his construction needs taken care of. The project is almost done now, and he is sure to have a successful business that generates income from the construction job. At Mainland Lifters, we are happy to help all of our followers with all of their needs, no matter what they may be. If you have any questions or concerns for us, do not hesitate to shoot us an email, and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

These Bees have Some Serious Lifting Power

These Bees have Some Serious Lifting Power

Moving to DallasLifting TechniqueHello everybody in the lifting world, the Mainland Lifters are here with another blog for you. If you recall us saying in a previous blog, moving is no easy task. No matter how much weight you can bench or weight you can squat, it does not prepare you for a move. We figured this out when we were helping our good friend Chris move to his new place in Houston, and now our other good friend Craig asked us for the same assistance to help him move in Dallas. Lifting and moving heavy, bulky items requires the help of professionals as we have found out before. So again we had to find a good, local moving company and we ended up finding the perfect one for all of Craig’s moving needs, Busy Bee Movers.

The first thing to do when you are trying to get information from a moving company is, of course, to call them, so that is what we did. The phone operator gave us all of the information that we were inquiring about. She told us how they could help and their prices for the work, which were incredibly affordable compared to some other companies. They gave us a time and date that they can come and begin the move, and they showed up exactly when they said that they would.

The movers Mesquite from Busy Bee Movers started to work, and they were looking good at what they were doing. Usually, when you see movers do their job, it is nothing too special to witness, but these guys can really do their jobs well. They made sure that all of Craig’s things were safe and that they would not get damaged. They took extra time to ensure that all of the things were stacked correctly in their truck so when the truck starts moving none of the items would move arMesquite Movers in Texasound and get damaged. These guys had some serious lifting power as well, so much so that even we were impressed, and when it comes to lifting we are never easily impressed.

Once again we had reached the realization that when it comes to moving, it does not matter what your size is, but the technique that you implement in moving the items. Just like there are certain techniques used to lift weights in different exercises, there are certain techniques needed to move various household items like a couch, a table, or a big TV. No matter what the job requires, Busy Bee Movers knows exactly what needs to be done to get the job done correctly.

The Mainland Lifters know that when it comes to a moving company, you should always have the best, and Busy Bee Movers is one of those moving companies. They have all of the necessary tools and expertise to get all of your belongings from one location to the next without damaging any of your things. When you are looking for a good, local moving company in Dallas, there is only one company that you should call, Busy Bee Movers is that company.

Charles’ Broken Garage Needs Some Lift Power

Charles’ Broken Garage Needs Some Lift Power

Garage Door RepairHello ladies and gentlemen! Carlito the Menace here. Everyone knows the city of Miami. Not only is it a great place to visit and let loose, but the people that live there, love living there. My friend Charles is one of those people; he has a nice little house down in Miami, and he asked me to stay over for the weekend. Let’s just say that he did not need to ask me twice. The first night over at Charle’s place I heard a loud bang come from the garage. My first thought was that it might be an intruder, but when I went to go check, the only thing I noticed was that the garage door spring was broken, I figured that’s what the issue was. The next morning I showed the broken spring to Charles, and we knew we had to call a good garage door company to fix the broken spring. After asking around for a good garage door company, we got the same response from everyone, 911 Garage Door Services in Miami is the company for us.

When we called 911 Garage Door Services, they picked up the phone right away and asked us to explain what the problem is. We told them exactly what happened, and they ensured us that it happens all the time. Basically, the garage door springs get worn over time, and they just break after a while. They told us that they have a technician close to us and that he will give us a call soon to let us know when he will get to us. Ten minutes later the technician called and told us that he will be at the house in 30 minutes. 30 minutes later, he knocked on the door.

Miami FLWe let the technician in, and he went right to the garage door to start inspecting the problem. He told us what the phone operator told us and he let us know how much it would cost to fix the problem. The price that he gave us was very reasonable, and we told him that he can start working. I noticed as the technician was working he knew exactly what he was doing like he had been doing this for years. In about twenty minutes, the technician finished the job, he tested the door to make sure that it was working correctly, and he was on his way. 911 Garage Door Services was much better than we expected from start to finish.

911 Garage Door Services do not just fix garage door springs, but they deal with all garage door repair needs. If you need your entire door replaced, they can do that for you no problem. If you just need a tune up or maintenance performed on your door they can do that as well. No job is too big or too small for 911 Garage Door Services. Charles now has a properly working garage door thanks to 911 Garage Door Services. I would definitely recommend their services to anyone in Miami that needs to have their garage door fixed. We were absolutely satisfied with the service that we got from 911 Garage Door Services, and I know that you will too.

These Guys Can Really Lift

These Guys Can Really Lift

Hello to all the lifters out there, the Mainland Lifters are here. Many of you might think that because we are able to lift a lot of weight in the gym, that means that when it comes to moving sofas, TVs, and other household furniture, it should be a cinch for us. That is not the case. We found out the hard way when we were helping our friend Chris move to his new place in Houston. Chris asked us to help him move last month, and we told him that we would help. When it came time for us to lift some of these bulky items, we figured that they can only be lifted using a certain technique, and we were afraid to injure ourselves. We told Chris that it was in everybody’s best interest to just hire some local movers in Houston, TX to do the job. After asking around, Chris found the perfect company to help us with the move, with a company name like Hercules Movers & Packers, how can you go wrong?

When we called Hercules Movers & Packers, we were immediately greeted by the phone operator. She was very straightforward with their different pricing options, which we thought was a pleasant surprise. Besides that, we thought that the prices were extremely affordable compared to the other companies that we checked out. They told us when the earliest they can come is, and at that precise date and time, they came to Chris’ place and started the moving process.

Houston TX MoversWhen the movers began to work, we noticed that they were doing their jobs very diligently. We have all seen movers work before, but the way they were working, it was just a sight to behold. When they began to carry all of the heavy furniture out, we were surprised how easy they were able to do it. Well, these guys were not small per se, but it was just incredible how they were able to do something so effortlessly while the four of us “big guys” had such a problem in doing.

We definitely learned that in the case of moving, size does not matter. If you get true professionals to do the job for you, no obstacle is too big for them.

At Mainland Lifters, we understand the necessity of companies that provide a good service, and Hercules Movers & Packers is an excellent company to us when it comes to moving and packing. They have the knowledge and expertise to get all of your belonging safely from location to location. We recommend Hercules Movers & Packers to all people looking to move in the Houston area. If you hire them, you will have no regrets.

The Mainland Lifters!

The Mainland Lifters!

Welcome to Mainland Lifters! This website is hosted by Thomas (AKA Tom the monster), Carlos (AKA Carlito the menace), and Daniel (AKA Danny the lifting machine), to bring you information that you will need to become like us; a big, shredded, lifting powerhouse. The most important thing that you can do to get you those muscular gains is by going to the gym and lifting hard and heavy. Going to the gym is not the only thing that will bring you results, diet is a critical factor in gaining size, definition, and both anaerobic and aerobic endurance.

If you are a beginner starting to go to the gym, it is important that you start going with someone that has experience in the gym and knows proper techniques on how to lift. If these techniques are not known, you can end up seriously hurting yourself both in the short and long term. For example, when you are squatting, it is important to keep your back straight, head up, feet shoulder width apart, and not lock out your knees. Forgetting to do one or more of these things can lead to serious injury which can also delay you from getting back in the gym.

Knowing what to eat is as important as knowing how to lift. Depending on the results you are trying to achieve, different diets should be followed. If you are trying to bulk up as much as you can, you should follow a diet with a high caloric intake focusing on your macros (protein, carbs, fats). If you are trying to get lean and lose some fat, you are probably going to want to reduce your caloric intake, increase your protein consumption, and decrease your carbs and fats intake.

The Lifting community is vast, and there is so much available information out there. Visit our website regularly for a lot of great information so you can learn how to achieve all of your physical goals. Mainland Lifters is here for you!