Month: July 2018

Powerful Lifting with Powerful A/C

Greetings all of my Mainland Lifters followers, I’m here to discuss with you the importance of making sure your lifting location is appropriately air conditioned and kept at a perfect level. Now I know what you are thinking, “But I want to make sure I sweat during my workout.”, Or, “Shouldn’t I be warmed up before a workout?”. Well, as these are true, I will show you why making sure the location’s temperature is well regulated is what is best for you.

Excessive Sweating

We often gauge the legitimacy of our workouts by the amount of sweat our bodies produce during the time of exercise, believing it all to be fat be burned. This is not the case, as most of the sweat we generate comes from the water in our system being burned. Now, for aesthetic purposes, one can look more defined because of this loss, but you are also putting yourself in an unneeded area of danger due to potential dehydration, or even heat stroke. You want to make sure the lifting location is kept at a respectable level as to not be uncomfortable when no lifting is being performed.

Warming Up

To avoid injury, one should always they are warmed up before lifting commences. That said, though the temperature of the location may, in turn, lead to extra stretching and warming up needing to be performed, the temperature has less to do with this than one would realize. Stretching and warming up can be implemented in any location, and with only the most extreme of temperatures hampering your ability to warm up properly.

A/C Repair

So, my reasoning behind bringing this up is simple, I had some issues with my A/C. I thought I could muscle through it for a little bit, but to no avail. Having your A/C unit in shape is just as important as your own body. It was thanks to my buddies over at Airsource America that I could get my A/C repaired in Jacksonville. You should all do yourself a favor and reach out to Air Source America today so they can, at the very least, perform an inspection on your A/C unit.