Month: April 2016

Do You Support Solar Energy?

Do You Support Solar Energy?

Installing Solar PanelsOne would find it rather weird or fail to understand why we, Mainland Lifters, support solar energy and the solar racking solutions from Roller Die. Roller Die is a company that makes the installation of solar modules. When we approached them with our design requirements, at first, we never believed that we could acquire them considering the fact that our funds were not matching what we were demanding.

They asked us to give them a few days to find a way forward. Their technical services team met and brainstormed and later invited us to contribute. They convinced us on minor changes or alterations that we could make to our requirement specification without changing the overall design of the module type and functionality.

Solar Power GraphWith prior knowledge of the difficulties of aluminum, we asked them to use it as the racking material. Aluminum has a low die cost, lightweight and corrosive resistance. Roller Die was tremendously growing, and other customers had occasional issues of cost per watt to approach traditional fossil fuel costs. This pushed them to be using steel as the racking material. Eventually, they were able to complete for us the solar installation. It became something worth celebrating. For our facility, now we had a stable power supply, and we stopped facing the blackouts and brownouts that had been a tonal and clonal problem since we established. The racking solutions were made in such a way that they appeared as roves. We, therefore, did not have to incur any cost in buying roofing tiles as we had planned earlier.

Mainland Lifters has been able to generate many funds from this installation. Those who neighbor us can tap our energy and use it in their households. In return, they give us funds that we use to run more activities.

Solar Racking SolutionsOur company, now that we offer training for weightlifters and provide high-quality gym services, we get to generate a lot of income. When accumulated, we invest these funds in different businesses to ensure we grow day by day. We had several business talks with Roller Die, and they allowed us to invest in their company. When we first visited them, they only used to perform solar racking solutions. Currently, they carry out the following: roll forming, stamping, press brake, powder coating, welding and bending, extrusion, fabrication, assembly and finishing of buildings. Our shares are 5 percent. However small the percentage may look, it is so worthwhile to us. Roller Die is a big and well-known company and owning that percentage means a lot.

Our partnership with the solar racking company has even surpassed the business perspective. We always create social and recreational activities like tournaments. We sponsor these.

Roll FormingOne of our own, who sits in the Company Development Committee, has made some suggestions that have made the company rise and rise to greatest heights. It was his suggestion to expand the Frankfort, KY Facility. This has helped a great deal to support the increase in demand for current and new customers. Roll forming capabilities have also expanded to six roll lines; there are additional stamping capabilities and expansion of the market. In Frankfort, the markets to be served are Solar, Commercial Construction, and Material Handling. Our agent suggests that there should be increased the workforce at the new facility as they continue to expand even to the eastern and northeastern United States.

Regarding solar racking solutions, Roller Die is now able to boast over the following:

  1. A library of standard tooling some 3,000 profiles strong
  2. A full in house tool room with seven full-time engineers

In one of their magazines, they proudly say that they are beyond competition with other companies. Writing by their human resource manager reads, “We can design and build pre-punch die as complex as our customer imagination. The 3,000 standard library gives our clients the advantage of lost cost tooling, no significant capital expenditure for new products or on existing profiles In addition to those items, having our in-house tool room allows for us to meet or exceed our customer’s deadlines on new tooling orders. At Roller Die and Forming, we have the one of the shortest lead times in the industry. Our tool room team members are a high-level craftsman, with half of the team with over 35 years of experience.”

It is not only Roller Die that gains from us, but we also gain from them, and we will continue supporting each other. The bond must remain strong.